Prihoda s.r.o. is a Czech company that specializes in the production of fabric ducts and diffusers intended for the supply and distribution of air. They offer exclusive tailor made solutions for their clients, a unique combination of cutting edge technology and modern design, and a highly technological equipment ideal for the specific distribution of air. !

They were the first in the world to introduce microperforations, exhaust ducts, square cross sections, adaptable length ducts, adjustable nozzles and bends, inner mufflers and intersection regulation of the distributed air dispersal…
The use of fabric ducts is very wide, form storage halls and industrial plants, sports halls and swimming pools, to refined business interiors and hospitality facilities.

As an exclusive dealer of the company Prihoda, we offer positive pressure distribution systems (fabric ducts and diffusers) and negative exhaust ducts for exhausting air from rooms customized according to the clients’ individual needs and room specifications.

Main advantages of fabric ducts in comparison to the tin ones:
1. energy saving and speed - they are up to 70 % cheaper; significantly lower weight of ducts decreases transport and installation expenses, while the time required for installation is decreased by 80 %
2. hygiene - they are easy to clean and can be washed in the washing machine
3. ecology - they are made from recyclable materials
4. distribution method - linear distribution of air along the entire duct length by micro-perforations and perforations
5. aesthetics - they are designed to easily fit into any interior; thanks to the wide range of colours and shapes they can be a decorative detail or imperceptibly incorporated into the interior.
    • Airflow patterns created by PRIHODA design software
      Airflow patterns created by Fluent software
      Airflow Travel Distance from Fabric Diffusers
      Air distribution by direct perforation
      Air distribution by uniform microperforation
      Close-up of air outlet from perforation
      Air outlet from a diffuser
      Focused distribution by directed microperforation - right
      Focused distribution through small nozzles
      Focused distribution by directed microperforation
      Small Nozzles - For directed air patterns and long airflow distance
      Nozzle for a greater range of air flow
      Damper - Equalising static pressure within a duct
      Pockets - Solution for deflection of flows from perforation
      Defrost Damper - Faster and more efficient cooler defrosting
      Air entry into negative pressure (extract) ducting
      In order for air distribution to match the required specifications of space, our project team conducts precise calculations of required diameters and lengths, and in particular of the size and direction of perforations, according to given air and space parameters. Laser shaped perforations are possible on any position on diffuser, and the combination of perforation sizes and positions allows almost infinite distribution possibilities.
      Small perforations with a diameter between 0,2 mm and 0,4 mm - micro-perforations (Prihoda patent) - are used primarily for the low speed diffusion of air. Series with a diameter of 4 mm, called perforations, are used for the directed supply of air.
      In calculating air supply it is necessary to take into consideration the difference in temperature between the supplied air and room temperature.
      Membrane diffuser is specific because it allows two possible methods of air distribution in one duct, for heating, that is, for cooling, thanks to the membrane which is powered by a servo engine. Exhaust fabric ducts can have only square or triangle cross section.
    • Circular diffusers - industry
      Circular diffusers - kitchens
      Circular diffusers - stowage
      Circular diffusers - sport
      Circular diffusers - sport
      Circular diffusers - greenhouse
      Circular diffusers - hospitality industry
      Circular diffusers- office space
      Circular diffusers in Prihoda factory
      Half-round diffuser - IT industry
      Half-round diffuser
      Connecting of diffuser to air inlet - Y system
      Enlarged strip
      Large choice of shapes allows the use of fabric ducts in various rooms for multiple purposes. Ducts can be circular, semi-circular, quarter-circular, square and triangle shaped. Furthermore, there is a segment type duct the depth of which is adjustable and the sector type duct intended for the corners of the room.
      Modern design is reflected in a vast range of colours and shapes of fabric ducts which makes them suitable for wide-scale implementation; form storage halls and industrial plants, sports halls and swimming pools, to refined business interiors and hospitality facilities.
    • Aluminium profile
      End Tensioning - Stretches the whole length of the diffuser
      End Tensioning - Stretches the whole length of the diffuser
      Arcs - Prevents sagging of the diffuser without air supply
      Odsisni difuzor
      Basic mounting material
      Adjustable Bend - Bend angle may be adjusted during assembly
      Adjustable Bend - Bend angle may be adjusted during assembly
      Plactic hook
      Membrane position - heating
      Tensioner in the profile - Straightening of small wrinkles
      Winch - mounting and demounting from one place
      Installation process is very fast and simple. The installation time is decreased by 80 % in comparison to the time required for the installation of solid tin ducts.
      We offer custom made suspension system which consists of only several parts for the assembly.
      Screw tensioners slide into the profile are used to remove wrinkles and creases in the fabric. The flexibility of the fabric allows it to stretch by up to 0.5%. Pre-stretched diffusers are therefore manufactured 0.5% shorter than specified and true length is achived when tensioning. The installation procedure is specified in the assembly instructions in all deliveries